Early Saturday morning departure for Lynton on the Exmoor coast. Eamon turned up in his battered old car...so we went in mine and drove through some fairly ferocious storms on the way down, the omens did not look good. Met Gareth outside The Bridge where we were staying. It's a pub between Lynmouth and Lynton and is perched on stilts over a fast flowing river. An hour later were off on our first hike.

The lads and their bags...ready for check-in

Started off with the threat of large amounts of rain. Gareth and I were kitted out appropriately but our Eamon was wearing jeans... luckily we only got "slightly" soaked.

It was a walk with (as usual) tremendous views

The two hardened Chillers survey the scene with Bristol channel in the background.

No idea what the sign was about but it was next to the Abbey that Eamon was walking past

The coastline is pretty spectacular. Unfortunately we were headed for a hotel and some much needed beers...but there wasn't one. Gareth was naturally to blame so we gave him a good thrashing and headed towards Lynmouth.

I had my ears sticking out of my hood which was not..ahem the most attractive visage. Three crosses in the abbey grounds

Into the "Valley of the Rocks", Eamon strikes a suitably stern pose.

There was this fantastic path all around the cliff with little shelters built into the rock.

Arrived at Lynmouth in the dark, then spent the next six hours quaffing beer in the Rising Sun. Unsuprisingly got steaming drunk, took a taxi back to The Bridge, had a smoke(know worra mean) then Gareth drove us back down there for even more!

<a href="exmovie.wmv"> <img src="plysonko.jpg" border="0" align="left" width="160" height="120" vspace="10" hspace="20" /> </a>

A little video footage of the events

The next day I was feeling a bit crook but the other two were fine. I was given a fine veggy breakfast and then we drove off onto the moor to tacke a small section of The Chains which is the "baddest" part of Exmoor and as you can see right on the border of Devon and Somerset.

Whilst the rest of the country was getting drenched, we had sun! Here I am in front of "Pinkery pond"

Taking a break...notice the signs for the "Black Pitts"

It wasn't a real "fighting mans" walk as the soft lads had to get back home, but a pleasant stroll and we ended up in Exford for lunch. Here is our post chill "rock star" pose.

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