Nina and Jing-i
in funfair frolics shock!!

A regular choice for weekends, the funfair situated in close proximity to the esteemed "Grand hotel" (as seen above) is the former location of the zoological gardens. The perfect spot indeed for some healthy recreation.
The day started however, with a trip to Da-an park and the kids were set various stern challenges to help keep a high level of fitness and maintain discipline.

Climbing trees was task number 1..........good effort girls
<a href="fairstones.mpg"> <img src="" border="0" align="left" width="160" height="120" vspace="10" hspace="20" /> </a>
Task number 2 was a little more exacting. It involved walking, barefoot over hot coals. Perfect for increasing fortitude.
Task number 3 was a wooden pallisade that had to be attacked and taken whilst under enemy fire....Another good result for the ankle biters. They should be well equipped if there's another war.

After all tasks had been completed to my satisfaction the children were allowed five minutes to do as they pleased. A little slack I know, spare the rod and spoil the child is of course my maxim. But I am a good natured man at heart and felt they deserved a brief respite from their toils.
They chose to emulate that proud and aristocratic bird...the peacock.

So, onwards to the "young persons activity centre" and the next set of challenges...
Yes, rather liked this one myself. Had them scale the rigging....superb training in the event of a draft into the navy.

The flying chairs would of course give them some feeling of the g-forces that might well be experienced if they decide to join the R.A.F.
Cheeky whippersnappers gave me a bit of lip as they were whirled around...fear must have got the better of them, though naturally I gave them a thrashing once they got down.
Next up were the dizzying spinning tea cups....The girls were without doubt nauseous and absolutely terrified. Had to carry the poor mites orf.
The "centrifugal rotation device" would have taught the blighters a lesson. A couple of green faces after that one haw haw!!
Yes, the girls performed splendidly and next week I intend to take them on a brisk 25 mile hike in the mountains....till then I bid you good day.

There are other pages devoted to the children engaged in various, healthy outdoor pursuits. One might find them quite uplifting I dare say.

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