In May 2013 I went on a weekend hike into deepest Ilan to see Jia Lou Lake.
In 2012, I started hiking with girls from my Wednesday class and they got really into it so it became a regular thing!
In 2011, eight of us set about climbing Snow Mountain, Taiwan's second highest peak.
Tackled a 1000m+ mountain with Naomi in 2011
In 2010 Edwards and I formed the White Monkey's to get more people out hiking. It was successful for a while, but once Tommy left the numbers dwindled. Anyway, for more recent hikes go to this page.
March 2009 trips to the Monkey Mountain for great views and tea drinking!
With Chinese new year in the frame there was bugger all to do. The Bear, Matt and myself took off in the pouring rain to expand the frontiers of hiking as we know it...
The Ping-Shee spikes
or Ping-Shee loop
Waterfall near MaukongThe nearby town of ShenkenTeapot MountainPrevious walks in Yangmingshan
In 2007 I got interested in the Shr-ding area of Taipei County and the Huang-Di-Dien circuit. Here is a short clip of me taking on the East Peak.

Ping-Xi has a lot of hikes and on the way up to "Bamboo Shoot Mountain" there is an old motorbike that has been dumped on the trail. How it got there is anybodies guess as the trail is narrow, steep and rocky. My own theory is aliens transported it there using an advanced form of tractor beam...

On the 18th May 2006 it was time for Mia to test the big one. Seven stars mountain(Chishinshan) the highest peak in the Yangmingshan chain.

We walked up to a picnic area with good views before making the ascent
Behind me is the Cultural University which has a sweeping view of Taipei below
It was a very tough climb and at one point I didn't think Mia was going to make it. After a few stops on the way we got there in the end only to find the peak shrouded in mist
On the way home we stopped off at the best tea house in Taipei and had a cracking meal of mice tails, bats wings and chicken's assholes.
Nah, not really...some good veggy tucker and a really cool place to spend some time.
<a href="sqmovie.wmv"> <img src="" border="0" align="left" width="160" height="120" vspace="10" hspace="20" /> </a>
A brief look at the events of the day

Another epic mountain experience. I'm very rarely disappointed and the trip was rounded off in a very pleasant tea house

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