Nina came to Taiwan in August and I took her and Jing-i to Ilan for a few days. The weather was crap for most of the time and they did a fair bit of whinging but we did mangage to find time to have a go on these tandems...
We also visited a bee farm and here we are trying out the gear.
This was where we stayed. A family home basically and they took us out on little trips. Here is Nina trying out the local vegetation...I hadn't seen Jing-i for about a year and she's turned into a bit of a tearaway. Not that much of a suprise seeing as her dad is in and out of gaol.
So, Nina went back to Germany in early September and I went to the UK on the 9th. In October I flew over to pick her up for her half term holiday.
And what does Nina like to do when she is in the UK? Visit theme parks of course!! Here she is at Chessington.
Nina bungee jumping
My fearless daughter not only went on this but at Thorpe Park went on "stealth" which is the fastest, baddest ride in the park...4 times.
The scallywag messing about on her bed.
Next it was off to feed the ducks...or geese as the case may be.
geese or swans...all good!!
Video of Nina, The ducks and my foot...
We also took a trip to Salisbury to See Ian/Jessie and Boris's University mates. Nina was bored until we started making paper planes...
....then the day before she left , we went to London with my brother, his daughter Georgina and Lianne to the Science Museum. It was packed so didn't get to actually do much. Thent went back and played two games of Monopoly, both of which Paul won and resulted in both girls crying!!
Stayed up till about 2 in the morning with the result that getting up the next day was rather difficult for madam...Here we are at Mum's house where I stopped off on the way to the airport.