Went with the Bear for my longest ever scream. Good job we hired a bike down there as the music was dreadful and escape seemed the only option!

Ah yes, the familiar sign of snoopy heralds the arrival into Kenting
Found a place to stay easy enough but only till saturday morning, after that.....nothing.
Hired a motorbike and zipped round the coast to check out the beaches.
The Bear used his time well and gathering various pieces of flotsam came up with this masterpiece.
Went inland to check out the national park...saw some monkeys and got some pretty damned good views

And so, once more on to the festival site.....

We were faced with hanging out with one of Skelly's dancing mates, Brooke, covered in paint or a bar with some tasty beverages and the sexy owner...tough choice! Had quite a bit of fun that first night despite it being half deserted. Drank loads, flirted with the owner and half heartedly watchted some of the bands
This lot were visually good!
And yes, well, this band had a rabbit playing saxaphone

Skelly, as usual was late for the party turning up with Jenny and her sexy mobile phone mates for the weekend...the girls ended up staying just one night...The Bear and I were waiting for them at yet another beach.

With all that time to kill we were forced into a little babe watching
'Ere he comes driving his big black SUV
We even managed to check them into the same hotel...not the same bed though
The orange bar was not overly packed
Back to watching the babes again
Skelly asks Brooke why he looks like an über wanker! Jap guitarist in action
Milk as usual finished off the show. We then headed off to the rave where about 10 times more people were present to watch some UK DJ. We consumed some little capsule thingys that were very good but didn't last too long. Set off back to Taipei in Skelly's car during the middle of the night

<a href="crmovie.wmv"> <img src="crsamarafront.jpg" border="0" align="left" /> </a>

The full scream video....most of the fun being had in the mountains and by the sea

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